helen amy murray

is internationally recognised for hand-crafted, sculptural creations inspired by nature and form, to create 3D surfaces within textiles. This talented designer from the UK works with precious materials such as leather, suede, silk and other luxury fabrics.
Using techniques she developed herself, creates the most beautiful pattern that enrich any surface. Check out to see more of her stunning designs!

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  1. Thank you, thank you! I´ve been trying to know who was behind those 3D textiles since I saw a living etc show re-run, Helen´s work is amazing!.

  2. that’s so very gorgeous. wow

  3. She is truly inspirational. I bet her work will go down in history and design museums across the globe will be fighting to obtain her creations to exhibit.

  4. Helen, i need to get intouch with you. I am working on a refurbishment of one of South Africa’s prominent wine estates. Would like to incorporate your 3d fabrics in the design. This rocks! Please me? Louis

  5. Antoher nice post. Happy I saw it once more. Much appreciated

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