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I love browsing through Japanese (web)stores. Most of the time I just look at the pretty pictures as the pages are in the Japanese, a language that I can not read. Fortunately Japanese store is in English. And there is more good news: they do ship internationally!

About : Yumiko Sekine started her first business in 1993 importing used books and house ware from Europe and America to Japan. In her search for more products, she could not find affordable every day linens that she had used during her childhood. She visited Lithuania, a country that has been producing and exporting linen products to other European countries since the Middle Ages. Sekine ed several linen producers and started to have them produce her own product designs in Lithuania. Her first collection started with only seven items. Now after ten years, Fog Linen Work produces a large line of linen products for the home and linen clothing. Its products are leading and defining the natural life style trend in Japan today.

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  1. Well, damn. There goes my paycheck. But at least I will be happy.

    Seriously, though, I love the aesthetic of this shop. The bowl, the bag, even the space–thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. Amazing. Love the vibe of everything.

  3. just wanted to let you know i live in the US and i ordered a beautiful linen tunic from fog and the service was excellent.. it arrived in a few days. such an inspiring woman, yumiko sekine! lovely linens!

  4. japanese design sensibilities i like very much! gives me that peaceful rhythm when i need it in my design work.
    i am enjoying your blog so much

  5. wow, truly lovely. i am going to japan in a week and a half and i would love to know of more webstores/retail spaces to visit!

    if you have the time to share a few links i would be forever grateful 🙂

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