rustic wood

Some beautiful photos that have caught my eye! The common factor is that there is an element of beautiful raw wood in every image.

(image source: 1. Es Jaç Coctail Bar, 2. Romain Ricard, 3. Frédéric Lucano for 4. )

7 Responses to rustic wood

  1. wow! your sellection is gorgeous as ever! you really have a good eye for decoration!
    kisses from Barcelona!

  2. I wonder where the first photo was taken – maybe an outside bar, somewhere warm?

  3. I love the smell, the texture, the versatility and the colour of wood! Great photos!

    Zoe xxx

  4. Really love the old elements in the bedroom!

  5. I like 1st image very much. It looks like an interior from some middle asian bar somethere in Marocco or Istanbul… Wah!

  6. The top photo is from Es Jaç cocktailbar on Mallorca, Spain.

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