Last week I was in covering the with a group of 15 bloggers (#BlogTeamDDW). The blogging community has changed since the early years (I started blogging in 2006!) and to be honest I have had some moments doubting if I should continue with this blog. But I came back from Eindhoven fueled and inspired. I had missed this feeling and I loved being part of a group again. So thank you for organising this great trip!

One of the highlights was a dinner organised by . For the introduction of they did something special. Design legend Paola Navone came over from Milan to cook a dinner for a small group of friends and members of the press, which included our team of 15 bloggers! It was such a lovely evening with great food (Paola Navone made a delicious Risotto alla Milanese for us) and wonderful company (which included , and ).

is a another collaboration with Piet Hein Eek. With this collection NLXL is going back to its roots: an esthetically strong collection of faux wood wallpapers. Rick Vintage, NLXL Creative Director: “Seven years ago our first collection, Scrapwood Wallpaper, proved to be a game-changer in the industry. It set the standard for digital wallpaper collections and is probably the most imitated wallpaper design to date. Today we introduce its successor: Timber Strips Wallpaper. The next step in hyper realistic faux wood wallcovering.” Piet Hein Eek: “This collection is more than ever inspired on the idea that our wallpapers should provide an artificial alternative for a wooden wall. In this case by using 3d timber strips.”

Credits: dinner party images by Casper van Dort (Cavado) | wallpaper images by Sander de Hooge (By2).

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  • Hello Danielle, I love your work! I have been following you for a long time. In this post you mention you were not sure about continuing with the blog as blogging has changed so much.

    I am about to start one, and would really appreciate your comments before I start!! I love holly Decor8 – did a blogging course with her several years ago and about to learn more about photography with thorsten!

    Many thanks, kind regards, kerry