This season I have been seeing some beautiful soft pink shades in fashions stores. I especially like a powder pink colored coat, like the ones here. Combined with blue jeans or black pants, a pink coat makes a stylish outfit.

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6 Responses to PRETTY IN A PINK COAT

  1. I love this, even though I definitely can’t pull off a coat like this… 🙂

  2. I particularly fancy that pink trench coat. Fantastic.

    The only challenge that comes with selecting a pink outfit is the choice of accessories. But that can be overcome with a simple technique:

    Black accessories are always the first and great starting point to get around that.

  3. Loving your blogs ..I am in Scotland and to see some of the fantastic stuff is just wow …love the pink coats never thought that pink would be the new cool colour …I like probably many other followers love the the fluffy one at the top soooo much can you guide me in the right direction as I so want to buy it
    Thanks so much
    Marion from Scotland xx

  4. How can I purchase Pretty In A Pink Coat?

  5. Boy am I over those ripped jeans (last picture)! But the coats are lovely.
    Anyhow, do you know where the first (shaggy) coat is from?

  6. beautiful and inspiring
    Love it

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

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